As for my first album, the name is “Manda Manda” . There are 7 songs in this album.
I. Manda Manda
II. Aye deu
III. Gunaso
IV. Chan Chan
V. Chyateu timile
VI. Timro muskan le
VII. Aau Aau
Among this songs from my first album , I have done the music video of two songs,
I. Manda Manda
VI. Timro muskan le

As for my second album, the name is “Mohoni “, there are 6 songs.
I. Luki luki
II. Gutumutu
III. Shir ma khulcha
IV. Khaile hasdai
V. Herirahanchu ma
VI. Aauna bola timi
Among this songs I have done the music video of one songs so far.
II. Gutumutu

And I am working for my third album . I have recorded the songs already and few of them are remaining and done with one music video . But haven’t completed the album yet. And the songs as below.
I. Reshami rumal
II. Kadam kadam
III. K Soche maile
IV. Chasok tangnam ( culture song of limbu)
Among all this song it’s not finalized yet and I am still working and recording on it. And among this songs I have done the music video of one song, i.e “kadam kadam “. Among all this songs from my 3 albums , I am looking forward to shoot the music video.