She has recorded more than two music albums including Nepali modern and folk songs spanning for more than 18 years since her infancy. Her music albums are Mand Mand; hit songs: Manda Manda, Gutu Mutu, Aai Diyau, Gunaso Rahayo, Chhan Chhan Chura Bajyo, Chyatyau Timile, Timro Muskan, Aau Aau, and another hit music album Mohini; songs: Luki Luki, Pare Kaso Hola, Siraimaa Khulchha, Kahile Haasdai, Heri Rahanchhu ma, Aauna Bola; which have been popular among Nepali listeners.

Some of her songs are Kadam Kadam, Reshmi Rumal, and Chasok Dhangnaam-Limbu Song. She also appears in music videos; Mand Mand, Timro Muskan, and Pare Kaso Hola.

She performs in musical concerts around the Nepal and other countries. Her works in the Nepali music as a best singer have set a new milestone by giving qualitative music. She has received Best Singer of the Year 2010 and 2nd National Capital Award 2016. She is in the top choice of Nepali people too as she has performed lots of social awareness projects like street drama, drama against domestic violence, and HIV Awareness programs.